Mickey Mouse And Disney Snow Globes

Mickey Mouse is the man!  Ok, not quite the “man” but he is quite the mouse. He is the most famous mouse on the planet. One of Disney’s main logo’s is a silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s head. That symbol is on most of the merchandise and is featured on many of the Disney Snow Globes that are for sale.

Mickey Mouse History

This is where it gets a little fuzzy. Most of the main players, that created Mickey Mouse are not alive. But, many say the the big man, Walt Disney, was the one to come up with the concept. We do know that the voice and persona for Mickey Mouse is credited to Walt Disney. The only area in dispute is the actual cartoon of him.

Steamboat Willie hit the big screen in November of 1928. This short film staring Mickey Mouse was a instant hit. The cartoon’s success lied in moving music as well as sound effects that made the audience laugh. Then in 1929, the cartoon Karnival Kid, had Mickey Mouse speaking. Finally in 1935 Mickey Mouse was redesigned into a familiar shape that we all recognize today.

Mickey Mouse got his own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 1978. This was his 50th anniversary, and it was the first star to be issued to a cartoon character. Almost 100 years later, Mickey Mouse is as popular as ever. Disney has updated his show on their network, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is very popular.

Mickey Mouse As A Gift

Mickey Mouse makes a great gift. You can get him on as a character on a Disney Snow Globe, a T-Shirt, or any other type of apparel or toy. He appeals to people of all ages and cultures. If you have a loved one that needs a gift, Mickey Mouse is a great choice of character to get.

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