Mickey Mouse Is A Old Mouse

Can you believe that Mickey Mouse has been around for 80 plus years? Even though he is a old mouse, he is loved by many. Over the years, he has had a few make overs. He is a little stubborn, and kept the same dud’s. If he had a style it would be called “classically cool”.

What is Mickey Mouse up to these days?

Lately he has not been doing much work. No recent movies, but he has been doing lots of TV. His show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a hit with the kids. I know my daughter loves the show. But, he is alive and kicking at Disneyland. Disney has done a great job of keeping him the focal point at the theme park. Disney recently (a few years back) tossed Mickey Mouse a great big birthday party.

What does Oswald the Lucky Rabbit have to do with Mickey Mouse?

A long time ago, the Disney franchise was a part of Universal Pictures. It was known as Disney Brothers Studio, and good old Walt Disney came up with a character. He was called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This was in 1927, and he was an instant hit. Then in 1928, after Oswald had a series of hits on his big round hands, Walt tried to cut a new contract. Universal back stabbed Walt and hired his workers. Then tried to keep Walt on, only if he would take a pay cut. Walt told them to shine it and moved on.

In defeat, Walt moved on and started work on something new. In his creative sessions, a new character was born. This character, known as Mortimer, was a mouse. The funny thing was, the name Mortimer did not last long. The name Mickey Mouse did.

In the beginning, Mickey Mouse’s original shorts were not very good. Then a new film was made with Mickey. This one was called Steamboat Willy. Well, Walt and Mickey Mouse had a hit on their hands.

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