Winnie The Pooh – Does It Get Any Better?

winnie the poohThe beloved bear, Winnie the Pooh, has got to be one of those characters that everyone around the world recognizes. Why is this clumsy and cute bear so popular? Why is he one of the “favorites”?

It is funny that this famous character is known to kids today as that loveable bear from that movie. Most adults (over 40) remember him from the books by Milne, rather than the Disney movies. How did Winnie the Pooh get his start?

Winnie The Pooh – The Beginning

Back at the start of WWI (World War 1), Canadian troops made a stop in White River, Ontario (Canada) on their way Europe. Harry Colebourn, a Lieutenant, purchased a female bear cub. He named the black bear cub Winnipeg. Later on their shortened the cubs name to Winnie.

The little bear became the mascot of the Canadian troops. Later on the bear ended up in the London Zoo. Winnie stayed at the zoo until 1934, and many people came and saw her. One of the people that visited was A.A. Milne, and his son. His sons name was Christopher Robin.

Later on Christopher gave his toy bear at home a name. The name was Winnie the Pooh. His father, A.A. Milne wrote a book featuring Winnie the Pooh, as well as other toys that Christopher named. You will recognize some of these names… Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Kanga. Sound familiar?

Winnie The Pooh The Book

Milne got his Winnie the Pooh book published in 1926, and went on to publish a few more books in 27 as well as 28. His books were a hit with kids as well as adults. (Think JK Rowling popularity..) Later on Walt Disney took an interest in the character. Walt’s daughters loved the book about Winnie the Pooh and inspired their dad to make a movie.

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